No one can clean your house quite like you but we will tidy up for you the best we can as you recover.

Medical/Non-Medical Transportation

Got a medical appointment or a grocery appointment? Tacha Family Home Care Service has your ride guaranteed.


Assistance With Medication

We will keep you on your medication schedule and help with proper administration.


Assistance With Bathing

We also offer assistance with bathing. Notify us an hour ahead of your desired shower time.

Post Surgical Assistance

Post surgery is a sensitive time and requires proper attention. You can feel safe with Tacha Family Home Care as you recover from your procedure. Doctors’ orders are meticulously followed by our well equipped staff.

Physical Disability Support

Age-related conditions can become the reason for the loss of one’s independence. Tacha Family Home Care Agency will assist you with those tasks that are physically limiting.

24 Hour Service

Situations and problems arise beyond our anticipation. Tacha Family Home Care Agency provides a comprehensive 24 hour service.


Alzheimer Care

Our well trained team is prepared to help tackle the challenges of this progressive disease which affects fundamental mental function and memory.

Arthritis Care

This disease limits basic tasks. Our health professionals assist with those tasks that have become challenging due to arthritis.


Respite Care

This is a type of short term care that can be requested for a limited time for a primary caregiver who needs assistance.


Companion Care

Companion care is a non-medically related service offered to older adults or people with disabilities. It is focused on emotional support and socializing.

Dementia Care

Much attention is required with dementia care. Our trained team carefully assists each case for its specific demands.

Pet Care

The little furry ones, the ones who need walking, even the ones in the tank, we will take care of all of your lovely pets. Just tell us exactly what to do and we are on it.